SMaRT™ Analytics Proves $1 Million Revenue Improvement Opportunity for White River Health

Sixth Sense announced recently that it has completed the implementation of the company’s SMaRT Analytics platform for White River Health

Operational Intelligence: Building Value for Today’s Healthcare Executive

This article examines how Les Rescorl and Bernie Coffman, co-founders of Sixth Sense Intelligence, identified an opportunity in healthcare operational intelligence and how they are working to grow a valuable, sustainable Software as a Service (SaaS) business.

Healthcare Operational Intelligence: How to see and use your data like never before.

Operational intelligence is the continuous production and monitoring of hundreds of standardized metrics across a health system in a single platform. Learn how to automate this critical effort, populated from your existing data sources, in as little as 45 days.

How to Insure Your EHR Conversion Against Charge Leakage

Converting your electronic health record (EHR) system is complicated and many things can go wrong. Your organization has spent tens of millions of dollars on this conversion. Why not insure your investment against revenue leakage when the insurance is guaranteed to generate an ROI?

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Hospital Analytics

How often do you walk into a meeting, and the numbers don’t seem right? Then, you spend most of the meeting fact-checking them. Learn how you can automate the creation of primary and secondary operational statistics and ensure the right analytics are at your fingertips.

The Value of Secondary Statistics for Healthcare Organizations

KPIs and primary statistics get all the attention when it comes to measuring a healthcare organization’s volume and financial health. However, if you ask a department director what they measure to ensure they hit their revenue and expense targets, you’ll learn that they monitor much more than the KPI or primary stat.

Roll with the Changes: As seen in HFM Magazine, the journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association...

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis this year, healthcare provider organizations were forced to make more major decisions in a matter of weeks than they historically would make in a whole year...

Hate Being Unprepared? Push Analytics Could Be the Solution You’ve Been Searching For.

Have you ever walked into a meeting where an attendee ran a report, and their numbers are different from yours? Learn how push analytics delivers a single source of truth, enabling you and your team to provide the right answers quickly and with confidence.

How Push Analytics creates a Single Source of Truth

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone has run a report from your accounting or decision support system and the numbers are different than what you have in front of you?

The Power of Push Analytics for Hospital Financials

I have worked in hospitals for over 25 years in roles that allowed me to work closely with operational managers challenged with a lack of time to understand their financial data.