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Acquisition Consolidation Services

We Make the Hard Part Seamless

Provider consolidation has been a reality for some time and all indicators point to this trend continuing. After your due diligence is complete and the deal signed, it’s up to Finance and Operations to learn how to speak to each other in a common language. This is known as “the hard part” for good reason. Hundreds of mergers and acquisitions fail because they couldn’t get it right. With so many systems to integrate, most organizations view this as a multi-year process.

Those that get this right the quickest are the most successful.

60-Day Data Integration

Imagine your acquisition quickly integrated into a single unified platform.

Our SMaRT Admin custom data standardization and enrichment engine accomplishes this in just 60 days, integrating all data sources into the SMaRT Analytics platform.

Enjoy seamless data definitions and standardized analytics across all your entities, regardless of the underlying ERP and EHR source systems.

If you are a growing provider organization, or newly merged organization, we help you dramatically reduce the cost and time to integrate financial and operational analytics.

Fast Healthcare Data Integration

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Healthcare Executives Love SMaRT Analytics™

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Sixth Sense's foundational analytics address needs common to all healthcare organizations, providing you with “out of the box,” best practice, actionable analytics in as little as 45 days.