Revenue Cycle

What is SMaRT Analytics for Healthcare Operational Intelligence?

SMaRT Analytics is a software-as-service (SaaS) data visualization platform for healthcare organizations of all sizes. SMaRT Analytics standardizes and streamlines healthcare operations and financial data into a single unified source, transforming it into easy-to-understand, actionable information. This next evolution in healthcare business intelligence is a complete solution that enables healthcare leaders to quickly answer their most pressing questions and rely much less on analysts for answers.

Revenue cycle, including all activities leading to payment for services provided, from patient registration to verification of benefits to care delivery, claim submission, and reimbursement, is the lifeblood of your hospital or healthcare system.

With SMaRT Analytics, you gain the insight you need to ensure proper billing for all services provided. We configure your Revenue Cycle dashboards specifically for your organization’s needs.

EHR Conversion Revenue Leakage

When you undergo an EHR conversion or outsource your billing, how do you ensure you are now billing for all work your clinical departments perform?

Our first objective when founding Sixth Sense Intelligence was to make it easy to solve this problem.
The size of this problem equals the average margin for most hospitals! Revenue leakage accounts for 1% to 3.5% of net patient revenue in the first year following your EHR conversion.

We Find Revenue Leakage in Your Healthcare Operation, Guaranteed

We find revenue leakage in every single EHR conversion we encounter.

  • Where charge leakage occurs during conversion
  • Solutions to prevent charge leakage
  • Why outsourcing this service is cost-effective
  • Our 4x ROI Guarantee

The SMaRT Analytics Revenue Leakage Dashboard includes multiple linked interactive charts to call your attention to daily charging variances from a baseline by day of the week, department, patient type, and stat name. In addition, linked charts tell you why revenue is up or down over a comparative period by breaking down the variance between price and volume.

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A/R Analysis and Aging

While all accounting systems have standard Aged Trial Balance (ATB) reports, they are inefficient at helping you aggregate views by payor, DRG, department, provider, etc. These aggregate views enable you to identify your revenue improvement opportunities. With our interactive dashboards, all these views are available simultaneously.

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