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Realize your revenue and savings potential.

You need actionable insights from your data NOW.

We work with healthcare executives every day to help them:

Maximize Revenue and Cost Savings in 6 Key Areas

Sixth Sense’s SMaRT Analytics platform addresses needs common to all healthcare organizations, providing you with best practice, actionable analytics in as little as 45 days.

With SMaRT Analytics™, the operational key metrics you need are at your fingertips, delivered automatically to your inbox.
Take your performance analyses a step further with date of service charts and CPT charge links.
Wouldn’t it be great to have projected revenue, trend, and impact data, along with cost-saving opportunities at your fingertips?
We know labor is a hot topic for you. Gain quick insight to make decisions based on the most current data.
Revenue cycle is the lifeblood of your hospital or healthcare system. Gain insight to ensure proper billing for all services provided.
Automate your low-value production work so internal talent can focus on implementing high-value intelligence-based improvements.

Healthcare is in Crisis

In today’s uncertain environment, finding new ways to increase your revenue and decrease costs is more critical than ever.

The answers lie in the data all healthcare organizations accumulate. However, few use it to their greatest advantage.

Sixth Sense sheds light on the stories your data tells, quickly revealing areas for improvement with the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Healthcare is in crisis
Healthcare executive and doctor reviewing analytics

100% Focused on You

We’re not the power platform trying to be the solution for every industry.

We are 100% focused on helping healthcare leaders like you solve your most pressing problems by discovering what your data is telling you.

Based on decades of knowledge and expertise, we implement in 45-60 days what takes many healthcare organizations a year or more to build.

And we do it for one-third the cost.

The Sixth Sense Intelligence Promise


We’re more than a platform. Thanks to decades of knowledge and experience in healthcare operations and financial management, you get unparalleled insight.


From implementation to run and beyond, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you understand the opportunities presented by your data.


We have helped healthcare organizations large and small like Stillwater Medical and White River Health realize millions in revenue and cost savings.

Operational Intelligence Insight, Support, Results