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The Sixth Sense Vision

Healthcare provider organizations are evolving faster than most of the technology companies that support them. We founded Sixth Sense Intelligence to change this dynamic.

We believe that technology should guide your executive team to opportunities faster than they can execute. This way, you have a constant flow of options to sustainably improve your operations. 

Questions healthcare leaders ask

The Sixth Sense Solution

Our SMaRT Analytics™ platform presents your executive team with intuitive, real-time and predictive analytics standardized across your organization’s continuum of care.

Your data—and quick answers to your most pressing questions—are delivered in easy to interpret stories key to unlocking your revenue and cost saving opportunities.

This our mission.

Healthcare Executives Love SMaRT Analytics™

Discover Significant Revenue and Cost Savings Today

Sixth Sense's foundational analytics address needs common to all healthcare organizations, providing you with “out of the box,” best practice, actionable analytics in as little as 45 days.