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Custom Analytics

What is SMaRT Analytics for Healthcare Operational Intelligence?

SMaRT Analytics is a software-as-service (SaaS) data visualization platform for healthcare organizations of all sizes. SMaRT Analytics standardizes and streamlines healthcare operations and financial data into a single unified source, transforming it into easy-to-understand, actionable information. This next evolution in healthcare business intelligence is a complete solution that enables healthcare leaders to quickly answer their most pressing questions and rely much less on analysts for answers.

Each healthcare organization has unique needs beyond foundational analytics. We automate your low-value production work so internal talent can focus on implementing high-value intelligence-based improvements.

Custom Analyses and Dashboards—Expand Beyond Foundational


Let us build and automate your time-consuming, repetitive analytical tasks.

  • Daily KPI reporting
  • A/R account balances
  • Board package production
  • and more

The state-of-the-art SMaRT Analytics™ healthcare data visualization platform, combined with decades of direct healthcare experience, enables us to build and deliver custom analytics much faster than your internal resources, which are overloaded with competing responsibilities.

Your Single Source of Truth

We are experts at data ETL (extract, transform, and load). Our comprehensive solution establishes a standardized framework across billing systems to address challenges in maintaining a Single Source of Truth for your healthcare data.

This results in improved insights, efficiency, and confident decision-making, aligning maintenance incentives, enabling swift acquisitions benchmarking, consistent reporting, and mitigating disputes through unified, standardized data.

Healthcare Executives Love SMaRT Analytics™

Ask SMaRT Analytics™ Anything.

In as little as 45 days, Sixth Sense’s proprietary SMaRT Analytics™ platform delivers immediate ROI with unparalleled insight into thousands of questions all healthcare executives are asking.

Why is the case mix index shifting? Is it attributed to documentation or diagnosis?

Your CMI Dashboard does the work for you!

Case Mix Index

Which service line generates the highest ROI?

Your Profitability Dashboard does the work for you!

Healthcare Profitability Analytics

How has my payor mix changed by department, procedure code, etc. over time?

Your Revenue Trending does the work for you!

Hospital Revenue Trends Analytics Reports

What is the physician treatment utilization variation by diagnosis?

Your Physician Variation Dashboard does the work for you!

How is revenue projected to finish for the month and YTD?

Your Daily Revenue Dashboard does the work for you!

Hospital Daily Revenue Analytics Reports

Your Observation Rate Dashboard does the work for you!


How much of my revenue change is attributed to price vs. volume?

Your Revenue Impact Dashboard does the work for you!

Hospital Revenue Impact Analytics Report

What is my blended profitability by provider for hospital and professional billing?

Your Hospitals and Clinics Dashboard does the work for you!

Discover Significant Revenue and Cost Savings Today

Sixth Sense's foundational analytics address needs common to all healthcare organizations, providing you with “out of the box,” best practice, actionable analytics in as little as 45 days.