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Meditech BCA vs. SMaRT Analytics

Choosing the right analytics solution is paramount for healthcare systems navigating today’s complex landscape. In this article, we compare Meditech BCA vs. Sixth Sense Intelligence’s SMaRT Analytics, both offering solutions for healthcare analytics.

Meditech BCA

Meditech BCA (Business & Clinical Analytics) is a third-party application integrated with Meditech’s Expanse EHR software. The vendor behind this application, MicroStrategy, is a large, multi-industry business intelligence platform vendor that competes with Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

Primary Meditech BCA use cases include clinical, quality-related population health metrics. Direct feedback from users reveals significant gaps in financial and operational performance insights, leaving healthcare executives seeking more comprehensive solutions.

SMaRT Analytics

SMaRT Analytics by Sixth Sense Intelligence offers unparalleled healthcare operational improvement solutions at your fingertips.

  • Hundreds of financial and operational charts and metrics out-of-the-box, arranged around common areas of concern.
  • Developed by healthcare analysts focused solely on the healthcare industry.
  • Designed for hospitals, physicians, and related healthcare organizations.
  • Analyses that typically take weeks or longer are available instantly.
  • See your revenue growth and expense reduction opportunities in real-time.
  • Automated monitoring of key metrics ensures you can identify unexpected events quickly and take timely, corrective action.

Analytics alone cannot achieve these goals, which is why we meet regularly with our clients to translate your analytics into action plans.

Meditech BCA vs. SMaRT Analytics

We do not have access to a live BCA instance, however here are the unique benefits SMaRT Analytics offers, reported by our clients, that BCA does not.

Functionality BCA SMaRT Analytics Sixth Sense and SMaRT Analytics Capabilities
Automated email delivery X No need to sign in or learn another application for most users.
Developed by healthcare financial professionals X Sixth Sense Intelligence understands your business!
Proven to increase net revenue X Dashboards focused on financial operational intelligence.
Data analytics as a service X No resources to develop new dashboards? We can do it for you!
Consulting services X We help you manage process improvement projects specific to your data.
Monthly data balances to your general ledge X Dashboards focused on financial, operational intelligence.

While most users will never need to sign in or learn a new application, SMaRT Analytics offers significant benefits for those that do.

Functionality BCA SMaRT Analytics Sixth Sense and SMaRT Analytics Capabilities
Performance (speed) of analytics X Our web-based platform sets the standard, regardless of the size of your organization and data. SMaRT Analytics does not utilize data cubes due to performance issues.
Easy data downloads X Easily download your data to Excel, .csv, PowerPoint, or PDF.
Easy to use X SMaRT Analytics is easy to use with minimal training.
Open data model X SMaRT Analytics easily integrates data from any source.
Customizations X We can develop custom calculations specific to your healthcare organization.
Unlimited aggregation capabilities X SMaRT Analytics accommodates custom insurance groups, payor groups, department service lines, DRG product lines, stat names, and more.
Transactional professional billing data X View your data at the visit level—SMaRT Analytics matches charges to payments based on service date and CPT code.
Encounter flags X Tie your charge detail to your discharge encounters data to dramatically increase your ease of analysis for any patient population.
Easy charge code mapping X Easily keep new charge codes mapped to your master stat library.
Unreviewed charge code management system X Never miss stats with SMaRT Analytics’ built-in unreviewed charge code management system.

Make Informed Healthcare Decisions Quickly and Effectively

In conclusion, SMaRT Analytics addresses financial and operational analytics not serviced by Meditech BCA. With our exclusive healthcare focus, comprehensive metrics, and real-time insights, SMaRT Analytics empowers healthcare executives to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

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