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Insights from an HFMA CFO Panel: Navigating Change in Healthcare Finance and Building Resilience

Leaders in Healthcare Finance Share Strategies at the Joseph A Levi Institute.

At a recent CFO panel hosted by the Joseph A Levi Institute, top executives from leading healthcare organizations shared invaluable insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Moderated by Dennis Dahlen, CFO of Mayo Clinic and National Chair of HFMA, the panel delved into various aspects of financial management, cybersecurity, staffing, innovation, and sustainability.

Mayo Clinic’s Response to Change in Healthcare Finance

Dennis Dahlen highlighted Mayo Clinic’s agile response to change in healthcare finance, particularly in revenue cycle management. The panel emphasized the importance of preventing cyber threats and the need for increased investment in cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive data.

Northwell Health’s Approach to Cost Management and Staffing

Michele Cusack, EVP & CFO of Northwell Health, shared Northwell’s journey towards standardized platforms and the challenges encountered along the way. Cusack stressed the significance of cost management and ROI in population health initiatives. Northwell’s innovative strategies include addressing social determinants of health and fostering staff retention through education and engagement.

White Plains Hospital’s Focus on Resilience and Sustainability

Joseph Guarracino, EVP & CAO/CFO of White Plains Hospital, discussed the importance of resilience in facing transactional challenges and cybersecurity threats. White Plains Hospital’s long-term investment in population health and innovative approaches to staffing underscore its commitment to sustainability and community well-being.

Embracing Innovation for Future Growth

Across all panelists, there was a consensus on the pivotal role of innovation in driving future growth and sustainability. Artificial intelligence (AI) investments are poised to revolutionize clinical workflows and revenue cycle management, albeit with careful consideration of risks and returns.

Prioritizing Patient Care and Community Engagement

The panelists reaffirmed their commitment to patient-centric care and community engagement throughout the discussion. Initiatives focused on social determinants of health, education, and job training underscored their dedication to holistic well-being beyond traditional healthcare services.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare

As healthcare evolves, CFOs face ongoing challenges navigating regulatory changes in healthcare, technological advancements, and financial constraints. However, with a strategic focus on innovation, resilience, and community partnerships, healthcare organizations can chart a course toward a sustainable and thriving future.

The insights shared at the Joseph A Levi Institute CFO panel underscored the critical role of financial leadership in shaping the future of healthcare delivery. By embracing change in healthcare finance, fostering innovation, and prioritizing patient care, CFOs drive meaningful transformation and resilience in the healthcare industry.

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