Hospital Analytics

CMI Only

Case Mix Index


CMI impacts net revenue, so monitoring this metric helps explain some net revenue variability.  While your CMI is not controllable, the related CC/MCC rate, which also impacts net revenue, is manageable through clinical documentation.  And, just as importantly, as your CC/MCC rate improves, so does your Quality scores.

Through identification of documentation variation by provider, payor and diagnosis, our CMI dashboard highlights best internal practices.  Sharing these best practices can have a positive impact on net revenue

Observation Rate


Medicare reimburses Observation patients at approximately 50% of an Inpatient patient.  Proper statusing of patients impacts net revenue.

Our Observation dashboard trends and compares Cases, Observation Rate, Observation length of stay by payor, day of week, diagnosis, provider and location.   These metrics identify practice variations that can lead to net revenue opportunities.

Observation Rate
Discharges v2



This dashboard quickly summarizes why discharge volumes are up or down by patient class, payor, diagnosis, and provider.  Metrics include Cases; Length of Stay (LOS), Charges per Case and CMI.



This dashboard summarizes Profitability by service line, DRG, payor, provider, patient class, and location.  Metrics include cases, LOS, charges, reimbursement, cost and Return on Investment (ROI).  Understanding ROI is critical to knowing which service lines are most profitable.

Physician Variation v2

Physician Variation


Understanding physician variation can be extremely powerful in changing provider practice patterns.  This can impact resource utilization, resulting in lower costs.

This game-changing dashboard automates what has been a complex manual analysis.  The dashboard compares profitability and resource utilization by provider, diagnosis, and payor.